There’s no doubt that knowing why you do what you do is a game changer.

It gives you a sense of purpose, helps to focus your direction and your decisions, attracts people and opportunities to you, and makes your work more interesting, more enjoyable, and more satisfying. On those days when you feel pulled in a hundred directions by your diary and your task list, coming back to your ‘why’ can keep you centred and keep you going. Who wouldn’t want that?

But finding and articulating your ‘why’ can be difficult. For most people, it’s not an obvious thing at all.
The thing to remember is that your ‘why’ doesn’t just originate out of thin air. It comes from events and experiences in your life. It has a backstory. 

Here are two prompts to help you recall that backstory. Take your notebook to your local cafe, order your favourite coffee, and mull these over. 

  1. Think of a time something made you feel angry or sad or helpless, and you had a strong desire to do something to change it. What happened?
  2. Think of a time something made you feel joyful or empowered or grateful, and you had a strong desire to put more of that into the world. What happened?

When you find this backstory, it will not only lead you to your ‘why’, you’ll know why that’s your why.