In a recent report, Forrester analyst Bobby Cameron identifies CIOs’ Top Five Career-Ending Digital Transformation Challenges

CIOs need to be able to drive big picture strategy to thrive in digital transformation. However, Cameron says the main obstacles for fully two-thirds to three-quarters of CIOs are that:

  1. They’re not trusted
  2. They can’t inspire meaningful change 
  3. They’re stuck in technical debtor’s prison
  4. They only think small
  5. They aren’t customer-obsessed

Notice that only one of these relates specifically to technology. The rest are about human-centred skills: communication, engagement, vision, relationships. Cameron says it's largely a cultural puzzle for IT, and one of the missing pieces is dropping the tech speak and communicating in a language the business understands.

he key word in digital transformation isn’t digital. It’s transformation, and that starts with transforming the way we think about how IT engages and communicates with the business.