As 2016 goes into full swing, organisations of all kinds are undertaking digital transformation programs,
and transformation means change.

One way to introduce transformation is to try to push the changes through.

This has often been the IT department’s tactic in the past. ‘Trust us, we’re from IT. We know technology better than you. Now just use the new system. It will be wonderful and will solve all of your problems.’ But it turns out the new system doesn’t match what the customer needs, it breaks other things that were important, and it generally makes people's lives worse.

This push approach doesn’t win you any friends and is one reason the IT department has struggled to earn trust.

Another way to introduce transformation is to try to get people to work with you to bring about the changes themselves. A pull strategy, not a push strategy. Much better, don’t you think?

To make this work there needs to be a story that people tell themselves about the transformation, a story they want to be part of. It needs to mean enough to them that they’re willing to make changes, changes that may be difficult, challenging, downright frightening.

Facts and analysis don’t provide this story. It has to be more personal than that. This story has to speak to people’s feelings and aspirations.

What are you doing to find your transformation story?