Find and Tell the Story of Your Strategy

Moving into the cloud? Going digital? Focusing on cyber security? Internet of Things?
How do you explain it to everyone in a way that creates alignment, a way that everyone will understand?

Talking with your stakeholders

The language you use when you talk about your strategic decisions may not mean much to your stakeholders. It makes sense to you because you use these words all the time with your peers, but it doesn’t make sense to them. They need something concrete that will tell them why the change is needed and what it will mean for them.

Talking with your team

You know the changes are essential for your organisation to survive and grow. Your team probably doesn’t see the urgency though. For them, things are pretty good the way they are, and anyway they’re still recovering from the last round of changes. They’re concerned about what the new direction will mean for them and their work.

Why stories?

Stories show the ‘why’. They convey information in a way that is more understandable, more memorable, and more meaningful than other forms of communication. Stories also go where information can’t; stories influence people’s feelings, and therefore they influence people’s decisions and actions.

Stories are the tipping point that move your messages from informing to transforming.

Stories are the tipping point that move your messages from informing to transforming.

About the program

This program will guide your leadership team as you create a short, compelling narrative to explain the 'why' behind your strategic directions--a story that creates alignment and that everyone will understand. 

Who it's for

Leadership teams who have strategic decisions to communicate across their organisation

How it works

  1. You start by having one or more strategic decisions you need to communicate*
  2. The preparation guide will help you get started finding stories before the workshop
  3. We spend a day together working on your strategy story. Each member of the leadership team will be able to personalise it
  4. You practice the story and test it out on a few people to see how they respond
  5. We have a 2 hour follow-up session to talk about what happened and do some fine-tuning
  6. You’re ready to explain your strategy to anyone in a way that sticks--a way that's memorable, meaningful and relatable

*If you're still working on ideas for your strategy, we can focus the program around creating a new vision instead.

What's included

  • Online briefing session with key contact(s)
  • Preparation guide for each participant
  • A copy of Make It Matter: The Surprising Secret for Leading Digital Transformation for each participant
  • Facilitated one-day face-to-face workshop with the leadership team (max 16 people)
  • Follow-up session with the leadership team for fine-tuning the story (face-to-face if we're in the same city, otherwise online)
  • Visual template with prompts for telling your strategy as a story. You can use this again and again whenever you have a strategic decision to communicate.

Your Investment

A$7500 + GST