Okay, let's just get this out there: I'm a story nerd. Have been since I learned to read.

I would have majored in literature at university except I was worried I wouldn't be able to earn a living that way, so I majored in pure mathematics instead. Because non-Euclidean geometry and classical real analysis are ever so much more practical.

I'm also an accredited oral storyteller, and what makes me stand out as a corporate speaker is that I tell a lot of stories in my talks. Not just personal anecdotes and case studies. Tales like Beowulf, Odysseus, Don Quixote and Scheherazade sometimes make appearances. One of the beautiful things about stories from the past is that they bring us an imaginative perspective to help us understand our present and envision our future.

Here are a few topics I speak on.


Every day we move more rapidly into a future that looks less and less like our past. While science, technology and innovation offer enormous opportunities for positive transformation, they have a dark side too. Rapid changes to the ways in which we work and live are affecting not only our planet but also who we are as humans. However, each of us is equipped with a powerful capability to shape the future into what we want it to be, if we learn how to use it. In this inspiring, empowering and insightful talk, Patricia shows that the stories we tell ourselves—as individuals, as organisations, and as societies—are the means by which we create our reality. We invent the future one story at a time. The question is then, what kind of future do we want that to be?

FUTURE MAKER: Influencing Digital Transformation

Influence and engagement are key challenges for anyone at the forefront of digital transformation. Executives desperately need your advice as they make strategic decisions. Customers and stakeholders need your help with making digital technologies work for them. Technologists have an enormous opportunity for influence by acting as guides to a future that others may find murky and overwhelming. But how can you position yourself as a trusted expert in your workplace, and how can you share your ideas in a way people will understand, engage with, and most importantly, act on? This talk offers keys for creating influence by integrating your understanding of technologies with the realm of meaning and human connection.


When you know your ‘why’ and embed it in everything you do, customers don’t just buy, they buy in. Employees are engaged and empowered because there’s a deeper significance to their work. Leaders earn trust and influence. Businesses that do this stand out and create extraordinary results.  This talk explores the power and value of meaning, belief, and human connection and how to unlock them in your leadership and your culture.

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the conference. It is always interesting to note those presentations that made an impact on you at events such as this. There was a vast range of topics and many and varied means of presentation. I made a mental note when listening to you that a powerful speech does not have to be presented in a loud, ‘rah rah sis boom bah’ manner. What you were able to successfully do was engage your audience immediately – the use of storytelling to connect with an audience is so powerful, and couple that with a personal experience that I believe everyone could relate to in that room, and you had one powerful presentation that inspired.
— Jenny Hill, Optus