Find and Tell the storY of Your Research

How do you engage and inspire potential investors, philanthropists, and industry collaborators with your research? 

Philanthropists and investors

The language you use to talk about your research with your peers may not mean much to philanthropists looking to donate their own funds to research. They need something that will show them you believe in the same future they do, and that your research can help to bring that future closer.

Industry collaborators

Industry collaborators also want to work with people who share their vision for the future. In addition, they are looking for a financial return on their investment. They need something in their language that will show them the commercial potential of your research, or how it fits into their strategy.

Why stories?

Stories show the ‘why’. They convey information in a way that is more understandable, more memorable, and more meaningful than other forms of communication. Stories also go where information can’t; stories influence people’s feelings, and therefore they influence people’s decisions and actions.

Stories are the tipping point for taking your messages from informing to transforming.

Stories are the tipping point for taking your messages from informing to transforming.

About the program

This program will guide you as you create a compelling and conversational narrative to explain why you do your research and the potential it has to create a better future.

How it works

  1. Your organisation signs up for the program and invites researchers to participate.
  2. The preparation guide gets helps you to begin thinking about stories for communicating your research.
  3. A half-day of face-to-face training provides you with the right tools: what stories you need, how to tell them, and how to put them together in a natural conversation that doesn't sound like a pitch.
  4. You practice what you learned in the workshop. You refine your stories and test them out on someone. You make a selfie video so you can watch yourself. You'll receive a practice guide to help you with this.
  5. In a one-to-one follow up session we'll go through your stories and do some tweaking.
  6. You're ready to engage and inspire anyone with your research


  1. A 5-10 minute presentation that will engage and inspire just about anyone with your research
  2. The ability to incorporate your story into a conversation so that it's natural and doesn't sound like a pitch
  3. Learn to use a simple pattern for your narrative so that it's not static; it can evolve along with you
  4. Reconnect with your own 'why' behind your research and your own vision for the future

What's included

  • Preparation guide
  • Half-day face-to-face storytelling training workshop
  • Practice guide
  • One-to-one follow up session (face-to-face if we're in the same city; otherwise online)
  • Visual template with prompts for telling your research story


A$1500 + GST per person. Minimum of 5 participants.