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Speaking, Corporate Programs, One-to-One


Work with me

Speaking, Corporate Programs, One-to-One

If you're transforming your world, you can probably use some help engaging your team and your stakeholders, building trust and influence as a leader, or finding the bigger story you're part of. That's what I'm here for. Here are a few ways I can help. Let's explore some ideas.




Keynotes filled with stories


Keynotes filled with stories

Okay, let's just get this out there: I'm a story nerd. Have been since I learned to read.

I would have majored in literature at university except I was worried I wouldn't be able to earn a living that way, so I majored in pure mathematics instead. Because non-Euclidean geometry and classical real analysis are ever so much more practical.

I'm also an accredited oral storyteller, and what makes me stand out as a corporate speaker is that I tell a lot of stories in my talks. Not just personal anecdotes and case studies. Tales like Beowulf, Odysseus, Don Quixote and Scheherazade sometimes make appearances. One of the beautiful things about stories from the past is that they bring us an imaginative perspective to help us understand our present and envision our future.

Here are a few topics I speak on.


Every day we move more rapidly into a future that looks less and less like our past. While science, technology and innovation offer enormous opportunities for positive transformation, they have a dark side too. Rapid changes to the ways in which we work and live are affecting not only our planet but also who we are as humans. However, each of us is equipped with a powerful capability to shape the future into what we want it to be, if we learn how to use it. In this inspiring, empowering and insightful talk, Patricia shows that the stories we tell ourselves—as individuals, as organisations, and as societies—are the means by which we create our reality. We invent the future one story at a time. The question is then, what kind of future do we want that to be?

FUTURE MAKER: Influencing Digital Transformation

Influence and engagement are key challenges for anyone at the forefront of digital transformation. Executives desperately need your advice as they make strategic decisions. Customers and stakeholders need your help with making digital technologies work for them. Technologists have an enormous opportunity for influence by acting as guides to a future that others may find murky and overwhelming. But how can you position yourself as a trusted expert in your workplace, and how can you share your ideas in a way people will understand, engage with, and most importantly, act on? This talk offers keys for creating influence by integrating your understanding of technologies with the realm of meaning and human connection.


When you know your ‘why’ and embed it in everything you do, customers don’t just buy, they buy in. Employees are engaged and empowered because there’s a deeper significance to their work. Leaders earn trust and influence. Businesses that do this stand out and create extraordinary results.  This talk explores the power and value of meaning, belief, and human connection and how to unlock them in your leadership and your culture.

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the conference. It is always interesting to note those presentations that made an impact on you at events such as this. There was a vast range of topics and many and varied means of presentation. I made a mental note when listening to you that a powerful speech does not have to be presented in a loud, ‘rah rah sis boom bah’ manner. What you were able to successfully do was engage your audience immediately – the use of storytelling to connect with an audience is so powerful, and couple that with a personal experience that I believe everyone could relate to in that room, and you had one powerful presentation that inspired.
— Jenny Hill, Optus

Corporate Programs

Engagement and communication are essential to the success of any transformation program. Let's make sure they're baked into yours, so your beautiful, shiny vision becomes a reality instead of being mired in a peat bog of resistance. Here are some places to start.

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Corporate Programs

Engagement and communication are essential to the success of any transformation program. Let's make sure they're baked into yours, so your beautiful, shiny vision becomes a reality instead of being mired in a peat bog of resistance. Here are some places to start.

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If you have a strategy, proposal or service you're getting ready to roll out, you need to be able to communicate it to your audience in a way that's meaningful and that resonates with them. You'll need to appeal to their hearts and imaginations, as well as their minds. The 30-page jargon-filled document that no one reads or understands, and the death-by-PowerPoint slide deck, are just not going to do the trick.

The first step is finding the story: a human-centred narrative your audience will relate to that takes into account the past, how things have changed, and the future you envision. To do this, I'll speak with you, your team, and a few of your stakeholders or customers, in order to listen to different perspectives and get a sense of what this narrative is. Then we'll workshop it and craft it together.

The second step is to look at your needs for sharing and engaging people with the story. I believe the most important way of communicating the story is telling it face-to-face in conversations and presentations, so we'll focus on how to do that. But you may need a few different ways of sharing it, including short videos, a document, a slide deck, an infographic, posters. We'll put a plan together.  

Crafting Your Strategic Story

Consulting program

Storytelling is one of the most powerful skills you can learn as a leader. Stories go where information can’t; stories influence people’s feelings, and therefore they influence people’s decisions and actions. Leaders who learn to use stories effectively are able to build trust and differentiate themselves as communicators and influencers. They're able to convey messages easily in a way that is memorable, meaningful, real and engaging. They're able to show others what's possible. 

This program starts with a preparation guide and a workshop to help your leadership team learn the four essential skills they need to start weaving real stories into their leadership communications: identifying a purpose, discovering stories, shaping a story, and sharing it. 

As with any new skill, mastering storytelling takes practice. The workshop is followed by a twelve-week practice and mentoring program that supports each member of your leadership team as they start to use stories in their communications.  

Storytelling for Leaders

Workshop and follow-up practice program

Your purpose and values are the starting point for building a strong culture in your organisation. People want to do work that’s meaningful. By declaring who you are and what you believe in, and embedding these ideas into everything you do, you’ll attract and keep great people who share your values and contribute their best work. 

Your 'why' is also the foundation for long-term customer loyalty. As Simon Sinek says, people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. What you do may not be much different from your competitors. What makes you stand out is what you stand for

This workshop program will guide your leadership team as you find a vision statement and set of values that reflect who you are and what makes you stand out, and that resonate with your team and your customers. We’ll also find a set of short, compelling, and real stories that give your vision and values meaning and help you bring them to life. 

Finding why

Workshop program

Stories are an excellent way to gain insights into different perspectives and experiences, either as a supplement or as an alternative to other ways of gathering information. Listening to others' stories provides context and meaning that can't be gained from a survey. And telling their stories face-to-face allows people to feel heard in a way that filling out a form doesn't. You can then use these insights to generate ideas or to inform decisions. 

Here are just a few examples where this is a valuable approach:

  • Understanding customer needs and customer experiences
  • Creating a new story and new ways of working following a major change
  • Allowing different groups to appreciate each others' perspectives
  • Debriefing a major project or initiative 
  • As part of a brainstorming or innovation process

Let's talk about how to use this process in your transformation program.

Insights through stories

Facilitation program

Thanks for supporting the University of Auckland IT teams with storytelling. I’ve had great feedback from the sessions, and many of the participants wished they had done this much earlier. Your support will really help us bring our strategies to life and make them relevant for our customers. Well done!!
— Stephen Whiteside, Chief Digital Officer, The University of Auckland
I went to Patricia’s full day workshop in Canberra ‘Storytelling for Transformation Leaders’ - and - it was smashing!! I speak regularly about technology and practice change as a library and IT professional, and I came away from her workshop last week much better equipped to communicate complex ideas.

Patricia is a great storyteller, and a thought leader, with warm and easy manner. I recommend this workshop and her other services to anyone struggling with getting their ideas across in a professional setting. Her storytelling techniques can be used by all kinds of people tackling speaking events: technical, formal and social, or assisting with organisational change.
— Ingrid Mason, AARNet


Discover and tell your own stories so you can communicate what matters, when it matters.

Book in a conversation


Discover and tell your own stories so you can communicate what matters, when it matters.

Book in a conversation

Work with me one-to-one to find, tell and shape your own real stories, so you'll be able to communicate what matters, when it matters.

Are you a Leader?

By discovering and learning to tell stories, you'll be more human, relatable and inspiring in your leadership. You'll amplify your influence and differentiate yourself as a communicator. You'll be one of those leaders everyone wishes they could work for. It's one of the best things you can do for your leadership and your career.

Are you a Speaker?

You'll give your talks an enormous lift by being able to engage and inspire your audience with stories. Your content will always be fresh because you'll develop a practice that helps you continue to discover the new stories around you, every day. Even better, you'll come to a much clearer understanding and conviction about your message.

Are you a human?

We're all creating our own story. You'll figure out your own 'why' by mining the gold in your experiences. Use your stories help you to make sense of where you've been, envision a new story for your future, and make the difference you want to make in your life and work.

How it works

  1. We meet and get to know each other. We talk about what you'd like to get out of the program. If it feels like a good fit for both of us, we get started.
  2. Each week for 26 weeks I'll send you something to work on, including a story to look for and some guidance and inspiration for the journey.
  3. You'll start discovering stories, at least one each week. You'll keep track of them, reflect on them, try them out, and you'll post your progress to me.
  4. We'll meet once a month for six months. If you're in Sydney we can meet in person in the CBD, or if you're somewhere else we can meet online. We'll talk about the stories you've uncovered and what you'd like to use them for. I'll help you shape them for your presentations, meetings, or leadership conversations.
  5. Each month during the program I'll also send you a book I think you'll love and that will help you with what you're working on.

What you'll learn

  • You'll discover at least 26 stories that speak to who you are, who you serve, where you're going and where you've been.
  • You'll learn a framework to shape and tell these stories in your work, in a way that's real, memorable and engaging.
  • You'll gain practice telling your stories and feedback and tips from an accredited storyteller.
  • You'll discover your own 'why' behind what motivates you. You'll find out what makes you roar.
  • You'll develop a practice that will serve you your whole life for making sense and meaning out of your experiences.

Your Investment

A$5,000 + GST for this unique and transformational program.

Until I started working with Patricia I never fully appreciated just how powerful the art of storytelling could be, particularly in the world of tech. Not only is she an incredibly intelligent and talented person but an absolute delight to work with as we unlock the treasures of my presentations and turn them in to stories worth sharing. Patricia is one of Sydney’s best kept secrets and if you ever wanted to get close to being a Ted Talker she’s the one to get you there!
— Nicki Page, CEO, MOQdigital