Organisations of all kinds are transforming and reinventing themselves to thrive in a digital world, a world that’s more data-rich, automated, interconnected and customer-driven than ever before. Technology leaders have an opportunity to be strategic partners in this transformation, but only if they are able to grow their trust and influence, inspire others with what’s possible, and demonstrate meaningful progress.

To do this, leaders need a different way of communicating. They need to speak in a way that's relatable and accessible and that moves people’s hearts and imaginations as well as their heads.

This workshop provides an introduction to storytelling for transformation leaders. It will show you how to use stories to make your messages more memorable, meaningful, real and engaging — so that people will want to be part of your vision and you can make a bigger difference.

We’ll cover three types of stories:

  • Strategy stories: How leadership teams can build a narrative to create alignment around their strategic decisions
  • Influence stories: How leaders can use stories from their own experience to build trust and influence, and make their messages stick
  • Impact stories: How teams can use stories to demonstrate meaningful progress, learn from each other’s experience, and cultivate new behaviours

As a result of the workshop you’ll:

  • Understand these three story types and how to apply them in your organisation
  • Develop a list of stories from your own experience that you could use in presentations or meetings to grow your influence as a leader, and gain practice in telling one of these stories
  • Outline a narrative to create alignment around one of your current strategic choices
  • Discover a new approach for team meetings to turn them from pointless information updates to opportunities for meaningful insights and progress

Who is it for?

  • Leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels of an organisation
  • Leaders who need to convey a new strategy, idea, business plan, or program of work will particularly benefit
  • Facilitators, trainers, speakers and thought leaders
  • Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who need to convey new ideas to a range of stakeholders

It's also available as an in-house program for your leadership team.

You'll also receive:

  • A copy of Patricia McMillan's book, Make It Matter: The Surprising Secret for Leading Digital Transformation
  • A six-week follow-up program with weekly prompts, examples and tips delivered to your inbox to help you develop your storytelling practice
I went to Patricia’s full day workshop in Canberra ‘Storytelling for Transformation Leaders’ - and - it was smashing!! I speak regularly about technology and practice change as a library and IT professional, and I came away from her workshop last week much better equipped to communicate complex ideas.

Patricia is a great storyteller, and a thought leader, with a warm and easy manner. I recommend this workshop and her other services to anyone struggling with getting their ideas across in a professional setting. Her storytelling techniques can be used by all kinds of people tackling speaking events: technical, formal and social, or assisting with organisational change.
— Ingrid Mason, Intersect Australia
I recently had the privilege to be in Patricia’s workshop on Storytelling for Transformation Leaders. Patricia is warm, generous and approachable, and her ability to get the best out of different people in the session was great. This is important, especially when people are sharing quite personal stories with others they’ve never met before. I took away many useful tools that I know I will use in my business in the future.
— Belinda Brosnan, Telstra Business Women's Award QLD Winner 2015
I recently had the pleasure of attending Patricia’s workshop on Storytelling for Transformation Leaders. What a treat it was and what a day well spent. There was lots of value in it for the work I do with individuals and in doing my own presentations to groups and in running workshops. It brought storytelling into perspective for me and made me think about the way I love hearing stories in other people’s presentations. For leaders working with teams and organisations, there were also excellent tools for building collaboration and creating engagement with strategic decisions. I would recommend this workshop for anyone in a leadership role.
— Lesley O'Donohue - Speaker, Mentor, Trainer